4-Step Instructions (memos)

  • No instructions should have more than 4 steps.
    • If it has many steps (to follow), find the significant 4 that keep the other actions in alignment.
  • Give “enough” freedom to the team to develop their own ideas to improve the process while preserving the “four steps” that keep the standard and outcomes in line and prevent things from going wrong or bad.
P.S. 4 Steps to write an efficient memo
(1) Write/draft your instructions as action-steps, 
(2) Rewrite them for utmost clarity and simplicity, 
(3) Rephrase the sentences to make every step unambiguous and connected (adopt 3rd person's view or ask for feedback, if needed), and 
(4) Repeat steps (2) and (3) until you make the instructions as short as possible.