5 scopes of management in personal productivity

Task Management (including Projects and Goals Management) – consider financial management as a project inside this.

Time Management (events to attend, meetings)

Notes Management / Ideas, PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) / Minutes / Journaling (including physical notes).

Files Management (including physical resources), Document management.

Communication – Email Management, People/Contacts Management

What are the apps you use for each scope?

Superhuman – The fastest E-Mail Experience

  • Fastest – 100ms to complete an action
  • Simple, Minimal Look with Gmail Shortcuts
  • Read Receipts
  • Quick calendar peek, Access to calendar events, RSVP
  • Social profile of the sender
  • Automated Zoom, and Google Meet integration
  • Multi-platform
  • Split Inbox, easy Command Pallette (even in mobile version), and many more…

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