Readwise’s “Reader” – Public beta is launched

Readwise’s Powerful ‘Read later app’ “Reader” has now available for everyone as a public beta.

Readwise is an app/service that makes it easy to revisit and learn from your ebook & article highlights.

Special Link to try Readwise, free for a month.

Free Readwise alternative -> Matter (read-later app) is the best alternative for Instapaper or Pocket

Single Source of Truth (SSOT) App

Choose an app (among 5 scopes of management in personal productivity) as the single point of reference for all your personal data.

All the other apps under the umbrella of your personal productivity should reflect or depend on this. Derived and different versions of the “truth”.

The one place to refer to and which holds the latest information. Source of “truth”.

Inspired by What is your “SSOT” app for personal productivity?

P.S. This SSOT is a reverse concept of the original SSOT used in IT.

5 scopes of management in personal productivity

Task Management (including Projects and Goals Management) – consider financial management as a project inside this.

Time Management (events to attend, meetings)

Notes Management / Ideas, PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) / Minutes / Journaling (including physical notes).

Files Management (including physical resources), Document management.

Communication – Email Management, People/Contacts Management

What are the apps you use for each scope?