Why you attracting good (or bad) things? Scientific reason.

Your brain can’t process billions of pieces from sensory inputs.

“Reticular Activating System” is a filter that selectively allows certain information into the brain.

This filter is programmed by your thoughts and beliefs (regardless of your past experiences).

It allows the pieces of information that you like to see/feel or what you believe, only to strengthen it.

You’ll get what you expect to get. Everything this filter allows only helps you to add up what you already have.

Being optimistic is scientifically proven as good strategy.

Overthinking is a procrastination in disguise…

  • Better to start and then use live feedback(from the project itself) + research to stream/steer a project.
  • Overthinking is equally harmful and unproductive as doing without thinking.

“Is your reading and research supplementing your actions or substituting for them? Research is useful until it becomes a form of procrastination.”

James Clear

Attention spans

  • Time, Resource, Energy Attention, (or Focusing energy) is the most finite yet renewable entity of personal productivity.
  • Focus on managing/improving your energy cycles and effective utilization of your attention spans.
  • Have a list of energizing tasks to do intermittently during the low-energy cycle.

P.S. Batch tasks based on emotional state and “focus” it requires (for extensive task list full of equal priority tasks).

20+ thinking tools and mental frameworks

  • untools.co has a collection of 20+ effective, modern, and proven mental models/frameworks for thinking, strategizing, communicating, and better decision-making.
  • Use cases: uncover the root cause of a problem, choose from the options considering multiple factors, understand complex concepts, estimate the long-term consequences of your decisions, conflict handling and give efficient communication without judgment