Superhuman – The fastest E-Mail Experience

  • Fastest – 100ms to complete an action
  • Simple, Minimal Look with Gmail Shortcuts
  • Read Receipts
  • Quick calendar peek, Access to calendar events, RSVP
  • Social profile of the sender
  • Automated Zoom, and Google Meet integration
  • Multi-platform
  • Split Inbox, easy Command Pallette (even in mobile version), and many more…

Superhuman is invite-only. If you need an invite, fill out the following form and bypass the waiting queue. ( * NO affiliate, only referral. )

4 tips for organizing (digital) content

  • Do not organize before collecting. (Let order arise from chaos.)
  • Tune the system to simplicity while you using it (don’t procrastinate in building a perfect system).
  • Try to maintain not more than 3 hierarchies/sub-categories/levels (or folders) from the root.
  • Always organize information by where you use it, not where it is found. (tag them by future need, not by present context)

Magical- Text Expander

  • Best in-browser text expander extension for Chrome browser.
  • Ability to extract/collect data from authoritative sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, etc.
  • Insert date, time, timestamps, and other dynamic parameters with tiny shortcuts.
  • Reduce your keystrokes to a greater extent.
  • More on how it works