Browse the web without mouse

Vimium (code named: Hacker browser) is an extension for browsers that enables browsing navigation and controlling browsers purely using keyboard shortcuts.

Try it, it saves a lot of time and energy (once you are habituated to using it).

For Chrome/Chromium based – Vimium,

For Safari – Vimari,

For Firefox – VimiumFF.

Magical- Text Expander

  • Best in-browser text expander extension for Chrome browser.
  • Ability to extract/collect data from authoritative sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, etc.
  • Insert date, time, timestamps, and other dynamic parameters with tiny shortcuts.
  • Reduce your keystrokes to a greater extent.
  • More on how it works

eesel: The new tab for work

eesel, Chrome extension converts your new tab into an organized list of items based on type/app (picked up from your browsing history and apps you use in your browser) that you use frequently. This helps you access the specific resources/links from the new tab (or simply by pressing a keyboard shortcut).

eesel supports the creation of URL shortcuts with parameters, organizing links in folders, and sharing them with a team.

It reduces the extra few clicks every time you open a new tab for work.