Evernote is acquired by Bending Spoons

Source: Evernote Blog

Bending Spoon is a Milan-based app developer. It has over 100 million users combined for its apps Splice -Video Editor, Remini -Photo editor, and some other apps.

Evernote is not shutting down, instead, it is expected that it will gain additional features from the products of Bending Spoon.

3 steps to achieve (personal) Financial Independence

Step 1: Grow the gap – the gap between your monthly expense and monthly income.

  • either by curbing your expense
  • or increasing your income
  • or by doing both

Step 2: Invest the gap – invest your energy in increasing this gap.

Step 3: Repeat.

Source: Paula Pant on Big Think

P.S. Aim to save at least 20% of your income every month (or) Increase your savings rate by 1% each month.

Attention, Intention and Procrastination.

Attention is the rarest and most valuable commodity. If you learn how to grab and hold someone’s attention, you have opportunities that no one has.

The world is spending billions of dollars and competing to capture every slice of your attention.

Personal Productivity is a measure of Attention spent Intentionally to get the desired outcome.

Procrastinating is the unintentional spending of attention.

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Your willpower is limited. Substitute weak willpower with consistency.

The ability to focus requires willpower. The willpower muscle gets stronger only when you repeatedly exercise it.

The stronger it gets, the easier to set focus each day at a whim and last longer in that focus zone.

The longer you stay on the streak, the easier, quicker, and natural for you to achieve and maintain this state of the pure focused mind.

Consistency lessens the need for strong willpower.

Akin-snippets Attention spans, Distractions aren’t distracting us. We seek distraction.

Superhuman – The fastest E-Mail Experience

  • Fastest – 100ms to complete an action
  • Simple, Minimal Look with Gmail Shortcuts
  • Read Receipts
  • Quick calendar peek, Access to calendar events, RSVP
  • Social profile of the sender
  • Automated Zoom, and Google Meet integration
  • Multi-platform
  • Split Inbox, easy Command Pallette (even in mobile version), and many more…

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