Magical – AI Powered Text Expander & More…

Magical is a Google Chrome-based text expander extension.

  1. Simple Text Expanding Eg. Set <address as a trigger to type the long address in any place you want. (Works only inside Chrome).

Likewise, @@t expands my email ID. <work expands my workplace address.

Note: Prefixing special characters avoids unwanted triggers.

  1. Expanding with variables.

The above screenshot, explains the setup. ;hi is the trigger for the shortcut and the content highlighted with green are variables. You can use standard variables like date and dynamic variables like Name, Title.

When applying the First Name, Job Title is replaced with the actual value of the person. For that to happen, all you need to do is open the person’s LinkedIn profile on another tab.

The below animation explains how it works in action.

Expanding with variables – Writing a mail

Extracting Data automatically – Filling Form

  1. Data Collection Data Entry and Data Collection become easy. All you need to do is type double forward slash “//” to trigger the automatic data extraction to auto-fill the spreadsheet.

Works only with Google Spreadsheet.

Extracting and Collecting Data automatically.

  1. AI Assist You can get (OpenAI) assistance to change the content each time instead of relying on one boring template.

I use Magical every day. One caveat is, it only works inside Chrome. It is free to use.

Link to Magical AI Text Expander and Auto-Fill

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