3 Sure-shot way to fall asleep (for stressful people)

  1. A relaxed walk – to burn your excess energy of the day.
  2. Journal a bit – jotting down what happened on the day helps you
    1. to feel accomplished (feeling of accomplishment is the primary cause of insomnia).
    2. to let go of the guilt of pending tasks of the day (take a moment to reason out, rationalize your emotions, and come out with an action plan).
    3. to feel settled down (emotionally) as all the things were taken care of.
    4. and allow yourself to be yourself. (shedding the personas of the day)
  3. Get into the “Zone” – Maintain a zone, it may be a place or pattern of activities that trigger your mind to get into the mood (Pavlov’s conditioning).
    1. Although reading is a good choice, hearing a piece of soothing lyricless music works better. (Try Endel, Science-backed soundscapes for focus and better sleep)
    2. avoid consuming meaningful things (eg. reading, or watching visual media content) just before sleep. P.S. Ritualize your before-sleep activities to make them work flawlessly.