3 Quick Ways to Insert Emojis on Mac – without Distracting Your Writing Flow.

No need to slow down your typing flow to insert emojis. 

A picture speaks 1000 words. Won’t emojis? Emoji speaks emotions. 

  1. Use Mac’s Emoji picker ⛏️ Keep the cursor at the point where you want to insert the emoji. 

Now, press Ctrl + Cmd + SpaceBar  at the same time to invoke the emoji selector. 

Search for the emoji. Just press enter to insert the selected emoji. 

Press “Ctrl + Cmd + Space” to invoke the emoji picker

  1. Use “Rocket” – Type your emojis Rocket is an app to insert emojis while typing (like Slack, Notion style). 

Download 🚀 Rocket . (Free)

Install it on your Mac. 

Now start typing your emoji with the prefix “:” 


I just typed :tada  and pressed enter to insert the above emoji. 

Just start your emoji search by prefixing “:”

  1. Use RayCast – A ‘Spotlight’ alternative This step is only for those using RayCast (in place of Apple’s Spotlight search). If not try it. 

Download RayCast . (Free)

Assuming RayCast is already installed on your Mac. 

Go to its ‘Preference ’

Go to ‘Extensions ’

Search for ‘emoji ’ and ✅ select it as shown in the above screenshot. 

Now the setup is ready to use. 

Wherever you want to insert the emoji, place the cursor there, then press the shortcut to invoke RayCast . In my case, it is Cmd + Space . (You can change the shortcut in RayCast Preference.)

Now type emoji  in the RayCast search box. Select the option ‘search emoji’. And then search for your emoji by typing it.

But the easiest way is to search with the prefix  : . 

Just invoke RayCast, Start typing your emoji name with “:” as a prefix. Eg.  :tada . Now press enter/return key to insert the selected emoji. 

That’s all easy. Feel free to put your comment and questions below.

See you next time.